Friday, November 12, 2010

Obsessed much?

This is Powderfinger - my favourite band in the whole world. It took a bit of effort to get a ticket after being sold out within minutes of them going on sale. But I got myself one and I am so very excited to see them tonight.

I was and still am (safely) obsessed with the lead singer Bernard. It all started in year 8 at high school - I even remember having my best friend Rita, (who I am going to the concert tonight with) took a photo of me standing next to a huge poster and we made it look like it was me meeting Bernard in person. I quickly got over that photo and moved on to 'stalking' the band when they did gigs at all ages venues and concerts. I can go on and on - but I won't because we all had crazy obsessions when we were in school - I am happy to say that I no longer take photos of me with posters or write 'I love Bernard' all over desks and pencil cases.

What I will be doing tonight is singing along to every single song and enjoy every single minute of the night!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm pretty sure that I have got my motivation back. - its good to find your motivation when you thought that you have lost it, isn't it?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Up and at 'em

It's been about a month or more since I have sat down to sew, sat down to create, glue or do anything to do with craft or fabric. *Insert sad face here*

I am happy to say that I have found my 'mojo' along with a little corner in my garage. Well- it was little, until I unpacked all my boxes of goodies.

I'm getting busy on some creations - some new - some old. Can't wait to show you!