Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Cheer

Christmas holidays are so much fun! I love the fact that I no longer have to make 2 sets of school lunches, no more homework, no more dropping the hubby off at work then half hour later get back in the car and go to school. No more p&c fundraising events to organise, no more talking to teachers about what your youngest child has or has not done and my personal favourite - no more finding socks.
Just hanging out at home and all the good stuff like - getting all the washing and dishes done by mid day, morning walks with the kids, afternoon 'getaways' at the footy ovals (my boys are HUGE footy fans) and having dinner cooked before bedtime. I am sure I can think of some more but these holidays I have a plan (well, many plans to tell the truth)
Other than chilling out and taking it easy I am going to make a large dint in my fabric collection. When it comes to fabric - I am a huge hoarder - I love fabric. Thing is, I know I'm not the only fabric hoarder out there. Someday, one smart person will come up with a name for people like me that love fabric.
This means that many, many nappy pants (I call them Bum D'arts), bibs, coin purses, pillows and some new projects will be created. Very exciting time indeed. My goal is to have only a few fabric left at the end of 6 weeks (so I can stock up on more) and to have at least 2 market stalls under my belt.
I figure, if I get a chance to do a bit of this before the end of 2011 then I will surely be motivated for a great start in 2012.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy to be back

Wow - how times fly. I am back - I've been away from the creative world for over a year. So much has happened - first I moved house, lets face it - we all know how fun that can be. Then I got pregnant with my beautiful boy Billy ;) Billy's pregnancy was horrid, I was sick for the first 3-4 months. Add onto that work, P&C commitments for my older boys school, normal everyday life, the husband, hospital appointments, medical condition and baby preparations - Kazza's Happiness was on the back burner.
All that sort of catches up with you and before you know it - you have an extra member in your family and life is going way to fast for you to catch up.
But I am back and happy to be back. I have so many ideas floating in my head and a couple of un finished projects. Now is the best time to "re-start" the kids are on 6 weeks Christmas holidays so you'll be seeing alot more of me and my happiness.
On the subject of happiness - here's my beautiful new boy - Billy.