Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy People

My, my. I have only just realised how hard it is to blog once a week. Hopefully, I will get better and blog more often. I do love reading other people's blogs than blogging myself. We live and learn though right?

I am really loving my 'happiness' at the moment. I have a wonderful job that enables me to be home for the kids in the afternoon and night, Mr Happiness is back at work, have been happily married for a year (but been together for nearly 10)..Wow that is a long time isn't it? And I have been getting really excited and my brain is always thinking of new ideas and things to make and create. Its also great because I have time during the day to do Kazza's Happiness.

A dear friend I used to work with, lets call her Miss C gave me 3 car seat covers and told me to 'make and create'. Sew, create and make I did. Miss C loved them. The photos are what I made with her materials. Oh and for the record, I am a Queenslander not NSW fan ;)
Miss C was also having a Christmas in July party and I did the decorations. Lets just say, she was one HAPPY customer. I couldn't go to the party but I have been told lots of photos were taken and when I get them I shall show you all.

I am also expecting a surprise in the mail this week. Its my sisters 21st birthday on Wednesday and I got her THE best present EVER!! Handmade of course. I cant wait to give it to her, Kellie Christie made it, so its bound to be an EXCELLENT present.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Footy Fever

We have just had the most wonderful (and exciting) weekend.

We rent and the owner is selling 'our' house in a few months time. The owner wanted to put in a new kitchen, but for him to do this, we can't be in the house. So.....he kindly sent us up to Coolum at the Sunshine Coast for the weekend. He didn't have to send us all the way up there, but hey, we wern't going to say no. On Thursday I was listening to the radio and heard them say that the QLD State of Origin team stay at Coolum while they are 'in camp'. With a little bit of investigating and surfing the net, we found out that the team stays at the Coolum Hyatt Resort (which is extremely fancy) and was only a 10min drive from where we were staying.

If you don't know me (or my family) we are pretty big NRL footy fans. We pretty much love everything about the game. Our favourite team is the Brisbane Broncos, the boys play footy for their club and are constantly out the back yelling and screaming playing the game. So to go to the QLD team training is a huge deal.

We went, we saw, we loved. The boys got totally star struck by all the players that they met. It was Caleb's birthday earlier in the week and he got a camera. I had strict instructions to 'take lots of photos' when the players were signing their hats. Caleb hasn't taken his hat off since we have come home. I got told that I was 'the best mum in the world'.

I have to admit that I had a great time aswell. I got a photo with my favourite player, Dave Taylor. You can't half tell how excited I was to meet him. I think I was more excited than the kids :)