Saturday, October 30, 2010

Something New

They say moving house is one of the most stressful things that you can do in your life. Whoever said that is one smart person. Everyone has a story about moving house. Things go wrong, mirrors and photo frames crack, the kids go feral and in my case my husband stresses out in a MAJOR way. I think this week I was close to a divorce from my Mr Stress Head. He's a stress head at the best of times, but this week - boy oh boy!! At the moment, I am meant to be unpacking and sorting but the thought of it all is all a bit to scary for me ;)

On a happier note, in between cleaning, unpacking and reconnecting power we picked mulberries. I loved picking mulberries when I was a kid and it seems that my boys loved it aswell. My wonderful friend and her daughter 're introduced' me (and my boys) to the fun of it all. We went back to the house and had ourselves a Mulberry Feast. We are off to the mulberry tree again tomorrow to fill a jar to give it to a friend for her birthday present.

Thats me sitting in the corner, moments before I found out that our power was disconnected. See, things go wrong.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

What A Week

First of all, my boys had their first Footy Trophy Presentation Day last week. They were so excited to get their first trophy and team photos. Here's a photo if them after they have got their trophy's. Here are the future NRL superstars, although I am bias!!

The weather however, wasn't our friend (again) this week. It has been raining and windy for the last week. The washing couldn't get dry outside so I had all our underwear, school uniforms and work uniforms hanging around the top of doors and in the bathroom. We are due to move house this week and have I packed everything? Hmmm, not really. My husband did make the comment that I have FAR to many boxes marked 'Kazza's Happiness'. Although all his fishing and camping gear may give Kazza's Happiness boxes a run for their money.
I haven't done many projects this week, due to the mini pool in my rumpus, a leaky roof and packing a house. But I am hoping to get back into as soon as this move (and the cleaning) is over. I have had recieved a few supplies in the mail of late and can't wait to create things with them.
I also have some sad news to tell. Due to people and things out of my control - Woodhilll Wonderland - the garage mini market has been postponed until a later date. Fear not though, it will be on - I will let you know details when I do.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I've been a busy little bee over the last couple of weeks. It doesn't look like much, but I have a huge tub full of goodies. Being creative and packing a house is all hard work. We are moving house, only down the road, but the thought of packing a house sort of scares me. Knowing me, I will be in a frantic state about 2 days before the moving date. All the while, I am trying to sew, glue, cut and trace wonderful things for Woodhill Wonderland Garage Market. Which I am really excited about. I haven't done a mini market for a long while, so fingers crossed it all goes well. Me and my friend Rita (who is hosting Woodhill Wonderland) is going for a trip into Reverse Garbage (again) to stock up on some tags and fabric although I am sure that we will find plenty of other things to snap up aswell.

Here's some things I've created for Woodhill Wonderland Garage Market. I also have some other creations 'up my sleeve'.

If you live on the southside of Brisbane, come check out Woodhill Wonderland Garage Market. 44 Woodhill Ave, Coorparoo - 9am - 3pm Sunday 24th October 2010