Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Cheer

Christmas holidays are so much fun! I love the fact that I no longer have to make 2 sets of school lunches, no more homework, no more dropping the hubby off at work then half hour later get back in the car and go to school. No more p&c fundraising events to organise, no more talking to teachers about what your youngest child has or has not done and my personal favourite - no more finding socks.
Just hanging out at home and all the good stuff like - getting all the washing and dishes done by mid day, morning walks with the kids, afternoon 'getaways' at the footy ovals (my boys are HUGE footy fans) and having dinner cooked before bedtime. I am sure I can think of some more but these holidays I have a plan (well, many plans to tell the truth)
Other than chilling out and taking it easy I am going to make a large dint in my fabric collection. When it comes to fabric - I am a huge hoarder - I love fabric. Thing is, I know I'm not the only fabric hoarder out there. Someday, one smart person will come up with a name for people like me that love fabric.
This means that many, many nappy pants (I call them Bum D'arts), bibs, coin purses, pillows and some new projects will be created. Very exciting time indeed. My goal is to have only a few fabric left at the end of 6 weeks (so I can stock up on more) and to have at least 2 market stalls under my belt.
I figure, if I get a chance to do a bit of this before the end of 2011 then I will surely be motivated for a great start in 2012.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy to be back

Wow - how times fly. I am back - I've been away from the creative world for over a year. So much has happened - first I moved house, lets face it - we all know how fun that can be. Then I got pregnant with my beautiful boy Billy ;) Billy's pregnancy was horrid, I was sick for the first 3-4 months. Add onto that work, P&C commitments for my older boys school, normal everyday life, the husband, hospital appointments, medical condition and baby preparations - Kazza's Happiness was on the back burner.
All that sort of catches up with you and before you know it - you have an extra member in your family and life is going way to fast for you to catch up.
But I am back and happy to be back. I have so many ideas floating in my head and a couple of un finished projects. Now is the best time to "re-start" the kids are on 6 weeks Christmas holidays so you'll be seeing alot more of me and my happiness.
On the subject of happiness - here's my beautiful new boy - Billy.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Beiber Fever

Just thought I would share this with you. I giggled when I seen it - hope it makes you smile aswell.

My youngest, Ethan - who is nearly 8, has become a little obsessed with Justin Bieber. It all started with the girl next door - she's 10. As we all know 10 year old girls these days have a serious case of Bieber Fever. I'm afraid Ethan caught it.

Anyway - moving forward - Ethan drew this the other morning - he's quite the artist isn't he?
Its Justin Beiber!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Look what I made. My very first quilt. It took nearly all day (in between a 2 hour nanny nap) and housework - but I got it done and I am pretty pleased.

Next on my list is a Noddy and Friends quilt - isn't it funny what fabric you find in the bottom of your fabric collection box?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You know those days you have when your so excited to do all the jobs on your list and then you have the rest of the day, or the next day to just 'chill'?

Well, that was my last Sunday. I did all the housework (and a little bit extra) I had it all planned. Went to get my sewing machine and ready to sew the patterns that I spent 2 hours cutting out, only to find that the bobbin case of my machine is gone. Not 100% sure what happened to it, or where it has gone - but I am pretty sure a little 6 year old - that happens to live in my house has something to do with it. So sewing for me is out at the moment, which is a shame because I bought an awesome Smurf sheet set that I wanted to make into a quilt for the new addition. Not to worry - I just have to get down to the sewing store and see if they sell a bobbin case for my machine - either that, or wait until July for my 30th birthday and fingers crossed a new sewing machine is coming my way.

In the mean time - without my trusty machine - I've been doing my UFP (Un-finished Projects) - we all have UFP don't we? This is one of my UFP - as you may or may not know, my sister is obsessed with snails - pretty sure she's happy with the outcome. I've also made some more owls aswell. Who doesn't love owls and snails - perfect for the garden I say.

I am hoping to get one or 2 market stalls in before the end of June aswell. Which is something else I'm looking forward to. Gezz, so many plans, so little time but heaps of ideas - how on earth do we do it?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Oh My - it been a LONG while

I have been extremely slack with - well, pretty much everything really. As all the mums out there know January and the start of a new school year is a crazy time. With that goes P&C commitments, add to that hospital appointments every fortnight, the boys footy training, a small social life, family time before baby number 3 comes along and then try to fit in some 'me time' life can get pretty busy.

So this is the plan - stop doing whatever the hell I am doing and start focusing on Kazza's Happiness. I have until June (thats the due date) I miss sitting in at my dining room table cutting and tracing on fabric. Lets face it, I am not lacking in fabric by any means. I also miss blogging and updating all my goodness on Facebook - I love knowing that someone out there loves what I have made and loves it so much that they want to buy it. So that's it - I'm back to the lovely Square One...which I am excited about.

In other news - The Happiness Family will be welcoming another boy into the family in June/July. Mr Happiness was a little sad that he wont be getting a daughter - but that lasted about a minute and is over the moon that another boy will enter the world. I couldn't be happier - I secretly wished for a boy. Due date is 7th July at the moment (the day before my 30th birthday) but I have my fingers crossed that our Caesar will the 29th June.
Until my next post - which will be very soon. Be good and never forget what you love doing!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

How Fast Time Flies

Here I am - after a long month and a bit after my last post. I haven't forgotten about you or Kazza's Happiness. But goodness me have I been busy (as have you - if Christmas has anything to do with it)

I am happy that the Christmas Silly Season is pretty much over. I love love LOVE Christmas, however this year has felt like Christmas has been a 'chore'. I am normally so prepared months in advance with all the lay-by's paid off well before the week of Christmas and present purchased and organised, Christmas day lunch sorted and planned aswell.

Not this year. As a member of the boys P&C, I always seem to stay at the school well after drop off and the day that you had planned is out the window, then the kids finished school and the normal things that go with school days but for some reason it was more busier than normal. The Christmas shopping and catch up with friends and family because you know you wont have a chance between then and now.

The main reason why I have been absent is because a bundle of Happiness, as in the baby kind is due in June/early July next year. And morning sickness in the evening is the pits. Its only just starting to wear off now. It was all planned and we are all pretty stocked about what is going to happen.

In the meantime, thanks for sticking by me and not forgetting me. I promise that Kazza's Happiness will be bigger and better in 2011 (well, until June anyway)