Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tis the Season

Christmas is my favourite time of year. I go totally over board with all the decorations, wrapping presents, buying presents and generally getting into the Christmas spirit.

This year however, has been a huge year for myself and my family. At the beginning of the year I got made redundant from a job I was really starting to enjoy at a promotional company that was 5 Min's from home, although that put me back a bit, I found probably the best short term job I have done, I worked with 2 wonderful, lovely ladies, Julie and Philli in a very uneventful call centre. The job was cruisy but I think I only enjoyed going there before of those ladies.

In May, my husband and I decided that we should do something drastic, as in pack up and move 400kms away from Brisbane. So that's what we did. We moved to Bundaberg QLD (4 hour drive from Brisbane). We loved it, it was like starting a whole new life, Mr Happiness and I got great jobs, the kids school were one of the best in the area and best of all we met great people and got some great friends. Due to a family illness we moved back to Brisbane 6 months later.

So we are back in Brisbane, it is true what they say, 'you don't know what you got till its gone'. So, Brisbane, don't worry, I think that the Happiness Family is not moving anywhere outside of Brisbane for a long long time. I am very happy that we did move, even if it was for only a few months , we all grew and learnt from our experience, at least we know were our heart is: with family and friends.

Anyway, Christmas....due to lack of employment, Mr Happiness is still waiting for a transfer from his department, which is annoying as I for just once would like to be a stay at home mum, while working part time. So Christmas in the Happiness household this year is simple, laid back and full of family spirit. Whats good to know is that nearly every gift that was bought is handmade. Which is what makes this Christmas very special. That, and the fact that my big brother is coming up from ACT. So, if I don't say it before the big day...MERRY CHRISTMAS. Have a wonderful day with all your special friends and family

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