Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy People

My, my. I have only just realised how hard it is to blog once a week. Hopefully, I will get better and blog more often. I do love reading other people's blogs than blogging myself. We live and learn though right?

I am really loving my 'happiness' at the moment. I have a wonderful job that enables me to be home for the kids in the afternoon and night, Mr Happiness is back at work, have been happily married for a year (but been together for nearly 10)..Wow that is a long time isn't it? And I have been getting really excited and my brain is always thinking of new ideas and things to make and create. Its also great because I have time during the day to do Kazza's Happiness.

A dear friend I used to work with, lets call her Miss C gave me 3 car seat covers and told me to 'make and create'. Sew, create and make I did. Miss C loved them. The photos are what I made with her materials. Oh and for the record, I am a Queenslander not NSW fan ;)
Miss C was also having a Christmas in July party and I did the decorations. Lets just say, she was one HAPPY customer. I couldn't go to the party but I have been told lots of photos were taken and when I get them I shall show you all.

I am also expecting a surprise in the mail this week. Its my sisters 21st birthday on Wednesday and I got her THE best present EVER!! Handmade of course. I cant wait to give it to her, Kellie Christie made it, so its bound to be an EXCELLENT present.

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  1. So much creativity happening.....I love it.
    Just wanted to say thank-you for popping over and entering my giveaway. A child's mind is so inquisitive isn't it? Who would of thought there would be anything remotely interesting inside a pincushion??? x