Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shave for A Cure

I am shaving my head for the Leukaemia Foundation Shave For A Cure. My mother in law suffered from leukaemia for the past 5 years and has very recently passed away. She was a wonderful, wonderful lady and will be missed so dearly by so many.

In a way to show my love and support, I am shaving my head and taking part in Shave For A Cure to raise support and gather donations as Leukaemia can effect so many people, young and old. That, and the fact that I loved my mother in law so much, shaving my head is the least I can do.

I do believe that I am going to look like a woman prisoner, either that or I had a huge case of head lice and shaved my head. I don't mind either way though. I have my husbands full support, it took him a while to get his head around the fact I wanted to do it, but he came around 5 mins later. I think he was scared that people may think his wife may have just come out of prison or that I had a bad case of head lice. he he

It would be great if you could help support me and this cause, I have attached the link to the Leukaemia Foundation. Here's a photo of me on my wedding day with Mr Happiness and my beautiful Mother In Law - Robyn, who is finally at rest...Love you. You will be cherished now and forever always xo

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  1. What a wonderful thing to do! I have a friend who's mother was recently ill with cancer and in support of her mum loosing her hair through chemo, she shaved her head. She looked fantastic as I am sure you will too.. Enjoy the 'bad hair' free days!