Friday, April 16, 2010

It all goes with experience

Its beginning to look alot like winter!! I love winter, I am not a huge fan of summer or any season when its hot durning the night and even hotter during the day. I was so excited to go to my winter clothes boxes and get my woollies out. I also am getting a nice collection of beanies aswell :)

Kazza's Happiness was at Ferny Grove Markets last Sunday. It didn't go aswell as I would have liked, but its all experience isn't it? Tomorrow I am having a stall at the Pine Rivers (Lawnton) Salvation Army church. They are having a mini market as thought that I would have a stall. Its a bit rainy today though, hopefully t will clear up by tomorrow morning.

Lately, I have been working on baby nappy covers/rompers/pilchers. I really like the idea of making these. When my boys were little, I thought that they were the best things in summer. I am still fine tuning them, I have about 3 that I have stuffed up, so practise, practise, practise! I have another design/pattern aswell. Hopefully they all go well.

I am also obsessed with going to op shops and buying baby bunny rugs.


  1. Love the fabric! I'm a big fan of these style of bum covers too. Stick with them, once you get the hang of it they go pretty fast and people love them. (Don't worry, I stuffed up more than 3 before I perfected my pattern!). PS. thanks for joining me on my blog. : )

  2. these are soooo cute. i've been dying to make some too. its so hard to find funky ones like this!