Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Motivation....lost or found???

Don't you hate it when you plan on doing lots and lots of things and never get around to doing them? Or, you do end up getting around to doing them but not until either late at night or when you are meant to be doing something else. I thought having a week with the kids at home on holidays, I would be more motivated, but nope, no motivation here.

Are we crazy to tell ourselves that we can do lots and lots of things, or does my brain get 'excited' easily?

Easter came and went quick didn't it? I have been working on a new project through out the Easter holidays. I am yet to 'fine tune' some things, but all in all, I think they are going to have a permanent spot at Kazza's Happiness. I am also thinking of ideas to use glass bottles, I am hoping that I make lots of 'pieces of art' and they stay with Kazza's Happiness aswell.

If you are in or around the Ferny Grove area on Sunday 11th April (this Sunday) I will be having a market stall at the Ferny Grove Markets (FG train station). Hopefully the weather is better than the last time I was there, and the sun shines bright and lots of people check my stall out.

Keeping with Easter, you can tell by the photos that Ethan was not impressed with his school Easter Bonnet parade. He thought that its silly that a whole bunch of kids walk around in a circle singing songs and wearing a hat...that was his words, nearly word for word. Caleb, however, he loves to sing and dance, so he was as high as a kite (and that was without chocolate) I had to wear Ethan's hat to show what a great job he had done with it. I have come to the conclusion that Easter is NOT a good thing, when your kids wake up at the crack of dawn and start eating chocolate eggs when your in the shower and have no idea how much they have eaten, but know that they have eaten more than enough because they are running around and around. Pity you cant send your kids outside to burn it off at 7am in the morning. Hmm, maybe next year!

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