Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Oh My - it been a LONG while

I have been extremely slack with - well, pretty much everything really. As all the mums out there know January and the start of a new school year is a crazy time. With that goes P&C commitments, add to that hospital appointments every fortnight, the boys footy training, a small social life, family time before baby number 3 comes along and then try to fit in some 'me time' life can get pretty busy.

So this is the plan - stop doing whatever the hell I am doing and start focusing on Kazza's Happiness. I have until June (thats the due date) I miss sitting in at my dining room table cutting and tracing on fabric. Lets face it, I am not lacking in fabric by any means. I also miss blogging and updating all my goodness on Facebook - I love knowing that someone out there loves what I have made and loves it so much that they want to buy it. So that's it - I'm back to the lovely Square One...which I am excited about.

In other news - The Happiness Family will be welcoming another boy into the family in June/July. Mr Happiness was a little sad that he wont be getting a daughter - but that lasted about a minute and is over the moon that another boy will enter the world. I couldn't be happier - I secretly wished for a boy. Due date is 7th July at the moment (the day before my 30th birthday) but I have my fingers crossed that our Caesar will the 29th June.
Until my next post - which will be very soon. Be good and never forget what you love doing!

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