Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Home Craft Market..Part 2

I had a great time last night. I met some lovely ladies and bought a very funky beanie, this is J my husband posing for the camera. I am happy to say that my pin wheel hair pins were a hit, as were my coasters and pillows. I got asked to bring some of my creations to one of the ladies hair salons. They will help me get Kazza's Happiness out there, spread the love and help with some sales. Thats exciting for me. This is my little table that was kindly set up by Lindy's daughter Sage.

In other news last night, Ethan had his second footy game of the year. Our team won and Ethan got 2 tries. A famous face was there also. One of the Bronco's players nephew is in our team. The poor fella, he couldnt really watch the game because heaps of kids were asking for an autograph off him. But, I guess thats how the cookie crumbles when your an A Grade footy player.

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  1. Hehe that beany is super awesome. And...go Ethan! Wahoo!