Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cupcakes & School Holidays

School holidays have begun, I think I am looking forward to it. Mr Happiness looks like he will be finally working (after being unemployed for almost 2 months) in the second week of the holidays. It works out well because I only work 2 and a half a day and I'm home by 9am most mornings. Given Mr H will be at work and vacation care hardly seems worth the money. My awesome boss is good enough to let me take the boys to work with me. Mind you they will be watching Foxtel, colouring in and eating toast and Weetbix every morning. To me, that sounds like great fun. I do have lots of play dates and all the 'usual' school holidays fun things planned to keep as all busy.

Speaking of busy, I have been making cupcakes and more cupcakes. Why not I say?
I have also been making these. Larger fabric rolls. I finally sorted my diary and set aside some dates for some local markets I want to do before Christmas. I also have some great friends that love what I do and want me to do some custom orders for them. Thank goodness for friends :)

Oh and I won these awesome pencils from Pink Lizzy Sews/ MissIsa. I love them.


  1. Hi I hope you are enjoying the holidays , any of those gorgeous cupcakes left ?

  2. hope you have a fun holiday week & it's always fun to bake gorgeous cupcakes!