Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday = Awesome

Today is Sunday. In our family, Sunday's mean football, football, football. My morning was full of footy, but I did get time to go to the markets for an hr or so. I am so happy that Caleb's team played away from home or I wouldn't have gotten these lovely fabric's. My favourite is the one on the bottom. As you may know, I am somewhat of a 'fabric collector'. I love fabric, this week I am determined to make, create and sew lots of things. I have a few ideas already floating around in my head.

I managed to make this this afternoon, I am little disappointed with the denim fabric I used it caught alot onto the other fabric. I am thinking these can be great for kids aswell. I know my eldest, is always losing his pencils and crayons so one of these might be perfect. Lucky I have heaps of fabric to use, so adults and kids fabric rolls will be great to make.

If you have any ideas as to what I can make, create and sew, I would love your suggestions.

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