Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bonkers..absolute bonkers

Arh children. I have 2. 2 boys. I have Caleb, who is nearly 8 and Ethan (he's the ones in the photos), who is nearly 6. Being a mum is a wonderful, wonderful thing and love being a mum. Ethan, however, he has a habit on how to push every single button in my body. He is in yr 1 this yr, which is great. He has great teachers, nice school and is a smart little kid. However, nearly every single day at school he gets in trouble for something. It doesn't help that there are 2 little boys in his class that stray Ethan away from making good choices, therefore he gets in trouble. Me and the husband have been over and over with Ethan on how to act, how to make better and right choices etc. But nothing seems to get through to him. BUT, this year Caleb and Ethan has started to pay football. Ethan loves his footy, you give him anything that looks like it can be kicked, then he'll kick it. So, after speaking to his teacher this afternoon, I told him that he is not going to footy training tonight. Oh, did he go off! I have never seen a boy get so angry before. Now, this is the part of being a mum I don't like. Seeing your little boy cry and scream and cry and cry. I was almost crying because I could tell how much this meant to him . But I learnt from my parents that sometimes you just have to be mean.

I am hoping that he has learnt a huge lesson from this and that he will make better choices at school and stop getting into trouble. I will keep you updated.

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