Friday, March 26, 2010

A Home Craft Market

Tonight, I am off to 'Home Craft Market Night' at a friends house. Lindy knows a nice bundle of people that like to create and make lovely things. She was talking to my sister (as my sister loves to :) Nicole told Lindy that I have Kazza's Happiness, hence my invite. A little 'market' will be set up at Lindy's house. I think its a great idea. I cant wait to see what tonight brings!

I can't believe Easter is next week. I can handle Easter but not 100% sure I can handle the Easter holidays. With my lovely, warm, wonderful yet 'very active' 5 (nearly 6) year old boy Ethan, I think its going to be a challenge. I am very sure the school holidays will be interesting. I think alot of planning and trips to the park is in order. On the topic of Easter..Our school had a family fun night last night, there was an Easter Egg Raffle and Ethan won!!! He was a happy little man indeed.

Here's some things I have been up to. I finally thought of a way to make hair pin pin wheels. I love pin wheels. Its my little obsession at the moment.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. I am sure I will :)

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