Saturday, March 6, 2010

Only A Couple Of Sleeps Left

A couple of more sleeps until when you ask? Well, there are 2 things that I am most excited about. On Saturday the 13th March, that's next Saturday, I will have no more long hair, I am shaving it for The Worlds Greatest Cure, I am very excited, this week I plan to straighten my hair and do some crazy styles with it. I only realised the other day that I wont have my hair this long again for some time, I am pretty sure I will shed a tear and also lots of laughs when it all happens. For all the Brisbane people out there, if your on the northside of town, the lovely ladies at the Hairhouse Warehouse at Strathpine will be doing 'the cut' at 9:30am. I will have my collection tins down there aswell.

The second thing I am excited about is that Kazza's Happiness will be having it first ever market stall at Ferny Grove, Samford Rd. There is a Facebook Kazza's Happiness group and I have received some kind comments from people, that is what gets me going (and awake) when I lie in bed at 5:30 on a cold a rainy morning. My head runs and thinks a million miles an hour sometimes though, I start something, then while I am doing that, I think about what other stuff I could craft and then that idea is great, I finish what I am doing then go onto what I thought of but think of something else. Its a good thing, but I think I have to get into the habit of writing everything down and a timeline for the day ahead.

So this week, I am finishing things that I have not yet fully completed, (because of the above), checking that I have everything on my Market Check List, thanks to Curly Pops for the Bad Skirt link of what I need for the day. I also have to do a banner and a sign, I am hoping that it could be sunny in Brisbane for just one day, sunny enough for me (with the help of my kidlets) to paint the banner and the sign. Its all very exciting.

So if your over the northside of Brisbane next weekend, be sure to check me out, (without the long hair), it would be great to meet you.

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  1. Good luck with the shave next week - you're certainly braver than me!